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Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK Download Free [Full + Unlimited Version]

Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK Download


Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK is an app developed by TECHS ITDEV and available for android devices. The latest version of Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK is 1.1.0 and was updated in 2018. This is free to use.

Imagine your phone has a low battery, and you are in a public place like an airport and need to charge your phone, but you worry about stealing your phone. It is no anymore worried about this problem with the anti-theft charging alarm APK application.

When connecting your phones to the charger, you need an active anti-theft charging alarm APK. Just it. Anyone who tries to steal your phone and unplugs it will be shocked by a loud alarm. And maybe you ask how to disable the alarm; you need to enter a pre-defined passcode to deactivate the app’s alarm when disconnecting the phone from the charger.

Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK Download

You can download the Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK from the link below.

Feature of Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK

  • Free to use.
  • Size: 5.8 in V1.1.0
  • The last version is 1.1.0.
  • Update Date: 2018-10-17
  • The app needs 4.1+ and up
  • Need pass code to deactivate the alarm
  • It has a loud alarm when unplugged the phone
  • Volume can’t be lowered until you enter the passcode
  • When an alarm is off, the volume automatically goes to maximum
  • First, you must enter the passcode of an app; then, you can exit-entry the page, and then any button can be enabled.
  • In the middle of a phone call, if an alarm is accidentally triggered, you can use the notification button to disable the alarm.

Advantage of Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK

  • Free to use
  • After you lock your phone, you can use from volume button.
  • The automatic messaging feature was deleted in the last version. If you need this, download the previous version.

A Disadvantage of Anti Theft Charging Alarm APK

  • No new update until 2018.

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