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Houseparty APK Download Android [Latest Version]

House Party APK Download Free [Full Version]


These days, coronavirus spreads fast and makes everyone stay home and can’t see people who love them like our family and friends; social media has a fundamental role to connect with them. One android APK app that you can download and make a call to your family and friends is the Houseparty APK.

Houseparty APK mod is a social app for android that allows you to make a video call instantly with your friend and family. Also, you can join others’ video calls and have an excellent time with them; it doesn’t matter where they are.

In the Houseparty app, you can have a live video chat with 8 people at the same time. Also, you can play with your friends and have several group calls—parties—at the same time.

The current version is 1.65.0 and is also available for iOS. Houseparty APK has a 4.0 score from 5 in the google play store based on 175K reviews. The app has been downloaded more than 10M+ times, and 12+ people can use the app.

HouseParty APK Download Android

You can download the houseparty APK from the link below. After downloading it, install it on your android devices. Download houseparty app is completely free.

If you have experience using a houseparty APK mod and think it could be helpful and valuable, comment on it for others to use. Also, if you know another or better app, comment for us.

Watch the video for more information about Houseparty APK

Advantages of HouseParty APK Android

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use.
  • Share your screen
  • Online status is available.
  • Make a video call instantly.
  • Connect face to face with a friend without any problems.
  • This app can send you a notification about online people.
  • Can join a video call with a group of people at the same time (8 people)
  • You can share your screen of the device with friends and share messages and chat experiences with them.

A Disadvantage of HouseParty APK Android

  • Disregarding silent mode
  • You can exit the app, and there is no button for rejecting a call.
  • You can’t reject a call, and everyone can start a chat with you.
  • There is no privacy in this app. because this app is a social-oriented application.
  • Notifying online people will send you even when your phone is on silent.
  • Send notifications to everyone online is sometimes annoying, especially when looking at the program quickly.

Why is the houseparty app better than Skype, or another app?

you can do more during a video call in the Houseparty app. you can create room for others for a video call or create games for others (the administrator can only do it). in other apps like Skype or Whats app, you can just only create a group for video calls and no more activity is available. houseparty image quality is very high and connection failures are very low in the app.

Information on House PartyAPK Android

  1. Last update: July 19, 2021
  2. APK File Size: Varies with device
  3. App install more than 10,000,000+
  4. Who can use the app: older than 12+
  5. Parental Guidance Recommended
  6. Supported Android Versions: Varies with device
  7. Interactive Elements: Users Interact, Share Info
  8. Current version of App: Unlocked Version [1.49.1]

License of HouseParty APK Android

  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • take pictures and videos
  • read your contacts and phone status
  • record and change your audio setting
  • read, modify and delete the contents of your storage
  • can send sticky broadcast
  • change network connectivity and access Internet
  • control vibration
  • run at startup and prevent the device from sleeping
  • pair with Bluetooth devices

Data safety of HouseParty APK

  • There is no information available for the houseparty APK mod.

FAQ of HouseParty APK

  • Should I use HouseParty APK on android devices?
    • According to the 174,965 reviews of google play users, this APK is suitable for use. Also, the Houseparty APK android app can get a 4.0 score from 5 depending on the 174,965 reviews. So we recommend that you try to use it. And share your experience with other people.
  • Is the Houseparty app available on Android?
    • yes, you can download the app in full version from the top link for free.
  • How can I download the Houseparty APK?
    • just click on the red button to download the complete version, also you can download it from the google play store.
  • Is the Houseparty app available on Samsung devices?
    • yes, it is so simple. you can download the Houseparty app for android devices on the google play store or download it for iOS from App Store.
  • Is there an app replacing the Houseparty app?
    • There is some app that you can use instead of the houseparty app like Facebook, Around. co and Kosy Office.
  • Is the Houseparty app only for Apple?
    • No, you can download Houseparty for Android devices, iOS, and macOS. download the app from a top link for android devices full free.
  • Which age is the houseparty app?
    • The houseparty app is suitable for everyone who uses smartphones and likes to use video calls.
  • Is the houseparty app safe?
    • you should create an account with a username, password, and email in the app. Facebook is available but you can skip it. video call and all rooms are private but you can invite new people via link. all people in a room, should give permission to video call.

Pictures of the houseparty APK mod

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