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Artivive APK App Android Download [Free + Safe Latest Version]

Artivive Google Play Download [Free Version]


If you want to give life to artwork, you can use the Artivive app APK. by downloading and installing the Artivive APK on your device; you can make Artivive app APK artworks live. But pay attention that this APK app works with Artivive APK extended artworks. You need to point your device to the painting, then see that come to life!

Artivive mod APK has a 3.8 score from 5 in the google play store based on 2.14K reviews. The app has been downloaded more than 500K+ times. Everyone can use the app.

Artivive App APK Download For Android

You can download the Artivive APK App from the link below. After downloading it, install it on your android devices.

Artivive APK’s latest version uses augmented reality to make artwork live. Then you can connect with the artwork more profoundly. We know that it is hard to believe, but for you to become sure, we suggest downloading the artivive app for android devices and using it.

download artivive apk app
download artivive apk app

Advantage of Artivive APK Latest Version

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Share multi-dimensional animations in AR.
  • Well-supported team.
  • The recognition of the image is done instantly.

A disadvantage of Artivive APK Latest Version

  • Sometimes show a standby message and can’t work.
  • Need help connecting to the internet on data and Wi-Fi.
  • It stopped working in some cases.
  • Sometimes force closes after recording any video.

Additional Information on Artivive APK Android

  • Size: 83M
  • Updated: October 25, 2021
  • Installs: more than 500,000+
  • Current version: 3.0.29
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+

Permissions of Artivive APK Android

  1. Read sensitive log data.
  2. Take pictures and videos.
  3. record audio
  4. control flashlight of device
  5. full access to all network
  6. Change your audio settings.
  7. Control the vibration of a phone
  8. Prevent your device from go to sleep
  9. access and pair with Bluetooth devices
  10. reading, modifying, or deleting the contents of photos/media/files

Data Safety of Artivive APK App

The developer says Artivive APK doesn’t collect or share user data. No data is shared with third parties, and no data collect.

Security Practices of Artivive APK

  • Data is encrypted in transit.
  • Data can’t be deleted.

FAQ About Artivive APK Android App

  • Is the Artivive app APK free?
    • The basic tools of Artivive APK android APK are free, but for professional use, you have to use several types of versions. Pro version ($ 9.90/month), Marketplace ($39.90/month), and Business version ($ 199.90/month). if you want a discount, you can buy it for 1 year at 17% discount.
  • Does the artivive APK app work on Android devices?
    • Yes, it does. you can download the app from the top link, Google Play Store, or Apple store and install it on your devices like a phone or tablet. open the app, point your camera to artwork and enjoy using the artivive APK.
  • What is artivive APK used for?
    • Artivive APK is an easy-to-use augmented reality tool for artwork like painting. with this technology; artists can make new dimensions by mixing classical and digital art. you can use your device like a phone or tablet to make artwork easily.
  • How can you scan an Artivive artwork?
    • Open the APK and point your device to the artwork; then, you can see the artwork comes to life.

Pictures of Artivive APK.

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